Instructions to Cutters


Instructions and maintenance
for laps X3 A5 HS and “Fast”

To get the best results, it is recommend to cut the stone on a cutting disc of 600 or 1200 mesh. Polishing is done with a constant drip of water by moving the stone across all the area of the lap, to obtain a brilliant flat surface. It is important to move the stone across all the area of the lap in order to maintain the surface of the polishing lap as smooth and flat as possible.

When a “light” dressing is needed use a fine carborundum bar to dress the lap by removing all ripples to get a perfect flat surface. Use a large amount of water while dressing. No scoring is needed!!

After prolonged use for a more radical dressing you can use a dressing tool instead of a carborundum bar.

Please note: The TURBO (T) Lap is now named “Fast” Lap.