Corundum Lap Medium


This revolutionary polishing lap is a breakthrough in the gem polishing industry.

It eliminates all excessive heat generated in the polishing process, no diamond charge of the lap is needed, no waste of diamond powder lost on centrifugal rotational forces, no bending of glue holding the stone as water is used as coolant, which makes the lap the best choice of the cutter.

It is a system reducing the cost of polishing of very hard stones and corundum.

The lap consists of a diamond impregnated resin bond with 2 tracks. The outer track for prepolishing and inner track for final polish. The lap is recommended for 3-4 mm stones, it consists of a 3mm thickness med concentration diamond impregnated abrasi ve material.

The lap is balanced recommended speed up to 2000 RPM.

In order to maintain the lap surface flat, it is very important to take advantage of all the area while polishing by moving the stone across the track from side to side.

When a surface needs dressing, use a carborundum bar with large amount of water to smooth the ripples and renew the surface by moving it across both tracks while the lap is turning, no scoring needed!! Afterwards wash lap thoroughly with large amount of water removing all the carborundum powder. After prolonged use, take a glass plate and pour on its surface some carborundum powder, 100 grit, with a small amount of water. Move the lap by hand on the glass plate in circles, turning it for abou t 1 to 2 minutes, as needed, till all the surface is straight and smooth.

Wash lap thoroughly with large amount of water, rinsing off all the carborundum powder.



Serial #
Thickness of abrasive layer
3 mm
3 mm