Girdle Polishing Lap

A versatile, multi-purpose resin bond lap for polishing girdles of square shapes and fancy shapes – of all types of stones, except corundum – this lap can be used to polish girdles on its horizontal or peripheral surface, meeting a wide range of requirements. The lap’s exceptional performance is based on a Turbofan development.

Girdle Polishing Lap

The polishing powder is impregnated in the lap, eliminating the need for any additional agents. All that is added is water. The girdle is balanced, and features a recommended operating speed of up to 600 RPM. A very long lasting lap having a polishing layer of 1/2” thickness requiring only dressing from time to time.

For “polish-perfect” performance, the girdle will provide long-term satisfactory performance.


For instructions of use and maintenance please read the instructions to cutters.



Serial #
Thickness of abrasive layer
1/2” mm