High Speed Polishing Lap

A versatile multi purpose resin bond lap. This high speed lap is high tech all the way, delivering uniformly superior polishing on all types of stones, except corundum.

The HS has 2 tracks – fine as well as coarse.

Its exceptional performance is based on a Turbofan development. High Speed Polishing Lap
The polishing powder is impregnated in the lap, eliminating the need for any additional agents. All that is added is water.


The HS is balanced and features a recommended operating speed of up to 1500 RPM.
Fast and accurate, this high performer is an excellent choice for all size stones, and is particularly appreciated for its ability to cut and polish small facets simultaneously at a very fast, previously unobtainable rate with an excellent polish.

For “polish-perfect” performance, HS is the obvious choice.

For instructions of use and maintenance please read the instructions to cutters.



Serial #
Thickness of abrasive layer
6 mm
6 mm