Magic Lap

The new cutting and polishing lap. Patent pending No. 08/292,137


A revolutionary versatile lap offering for the first time to the amateur and to the

magic lap

Magic Lap

professional cutter the capability to cut and polish on a single lap.The lap consists of a basis divided in two sections. The outer lane for cutting and the inner lane for polishing. The outer lane holds a changeable diamond coated ring for cutting while the inside lane is a height adjustable polishing lap. The leveling adjustment between the cutting ring and polishing is instantaneous and does not require any tools. The versatility of this lap is unlimited as in a matter of seconds both the diamond ring and polishing lap can be replaced by a coarser or finer setup. The cutting and polishing laps can be changed to any combination depending on the type of stone being cut.

What are the advantages of this lap?

On the new lap, cutting and polishing are done on the same plane, one can get a very fast and accurate alignment between the cutting and polishing surface. Practically, no alignment is needed!

The result is a very fine and flat polished surface. An increased production by eliminating all above mentioned unnecessary adjustments. Versatility, in changing fast from cutting one type of a stone to another or from a very small size to a big one.
For professional cutter, it means reducing the number of stands by not having any more cutting stands and polishing stands. Using the magic lap basis and by changing only the cutting rings and polishing inserts in order to polish a required stone the cost of handling and polishing is reduced substantially.

The cutting rings can be obtained in different mesh sizes like the regular cutting laps. The inserts can be obtained with the various options of all Turbofan polishing laps (like X3, A5, etc.)

The maintenance of the base, the cutting rings, the polishing inserts, is to clean and dry thoroughly after every usage.

The height adjustment of the insert polishing lap is done instantaneously by turning slightly clockwise or anticlockwise up to the level of the cutting ring and tightening to the required height with the central screw (do not overtighten the screw).

Water is being used as a coolant for all stones of all types.  Maximum speed recommended 1500 RPM.



Basis diameter :  214 mm
Total height: 18 mm
Cutting ring width: 30 mm
Standard cutting ring: 600 mesh
Polishing lap diameter: 150 mm
Polishing lap thickness: 6 mm
Arbor hole: 1/2”
Basis  #8000
Cutting ring 600mesh #8002
Insert X3 #8004
Insert A5  #8005
“T” insert #8007
Corundum med #8008
Corundum high #8009